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trip to Sundarban  forest of  Bangladesh

Bangladesh Expeditions organize tailor made tours, weekend tours and package tour inside the sundarban forest, our reserved tours are very special for family and interested group with corporate discount. we have 10 people capacities cruising boat which used by foreign nationality or family reserved the boat for 3 days. there are few hotel guests on arrival Dhaka just phone us to know our next package, some time we match in the package or they reserved our vessel exclusively for 3/4 days.

boat in kotka

Those are  searching sundarbans cruising vessel for exclusively book for your family or group please ask us for 10 person, 18 person, 32 person and 48 person capacities vessel for 3 or 4 days adventure around wildlife sanctuaries.

several Road transfer to and from the vessel: rocket steamer cruise journey both way or one way from Dhaka, Dhaka – Khulna -Dhaka by overnight Volvo bus or train or Dhaka -Mongla – Dhaka by Non a/c hino public bus service or domestic flight based Jessore.

Sundarbans mangrove forest 100% Eco travel destination full of green trees of Mangrove plants criss-crosses by network of rivers,canal and creeks. people adventure sundarbans searching wildlife and Bengal Tiger, crocodiles and dolphins but sorry to mentioned here that so many travelers found during winter specially  in the weekend holidays that wildlife are went away as people making sound in this Eco lands.

some knowledgeable travelers like silent every moment  inside the forest whenever no more tourists to look the wildlife from close. in the summer and monsoon is the best time for wildlife expeditions inside the evergreen sundarbans but this time no package tour just quote the tour price as per group size


Sundarban wildlife and Nature expeditions

Oriental small clawed otterTour Destination: Dhaka – Khulna – Sundarbans – Dhaka
Tour Type: Adventure Tours / Wildlife Safari / River Cruise / Eco tourism / bird watching / adventure cruise / Nature and photography tour

Article – These trips cover the Sundarbans forest- the largest mangrove forest in the world ( and the home of Royal Bengal Tiger. A network of River and creeks criss – crosses their dense evergreen forests. You often find tiger crossing the river and crocodiles basking in the sun. Deer’s, wild boars, otters river Dolphin, over 270 species of birds, 120 species of fish, 50 species of reptiles and 8 species of amphibians are still found there. THE WORLD HERITAS SITES- the largest remaining tract of habitat for the Royal Bengal Tiger can be the best place for adventures cruising for a few days.
Activities of Sundarbans adventure
Bangladesh Expeditions cover Tiger point of Kotka and Kachikhali where sea facing river both side muddy bank of magical forest wildlife visibility is best here. Walking through the forest where deer and monkies visible on the way to Tiger hill. In the other part mud bathing then walking about to silent Kotka beach for swimming and photography from observation tower is very interesting by travelers. Bird watching early in the morning through Kotka canal and evening bird watching tour through Kachikhali canal are most important of the tours.

sundarbans mud bathingTour Duration:
a. 3 days / 4 nights by Volvo bus ( Dhaka > Khulna – Dhaka )
b. 4 days / 3 Nights by air ( Dhaka – Jessore – Dhaka by air and Jessore – Mongla Jessore by car / van )
c. Dhaka – Morrelganj by Rocket steamer and Morrelgonj – Bagerhat – Mongla – Jessoore by car and Jessore – Dhaka by air.

d. Dhaka – Hularhat – Dhaka by rocket steamer and 1.50  hour car journey for Mongla or Bagerhat via 2 hours
Nature and Wildlife tour itinerary
Day-01: Depart hotel / residence by 03:00 pm to board on the rocket steamer for an overnight journey which started from sadarghat at 06:00 pm for 21 hours cruise up to Morrelgonj.

Day-02: in the morning the Rocket resume start its cruise towards south you cross many places and countryside in the afternoon at 02:40 PM leave the rocket to our reserved A/c vehicle to Mongla on way move to Bagerhat sixty domed Mosque visit, continue on to Mongla to check in Passore hotel deluxe room for night stay.

Day-03: board into our luxury vessel which start the cruise immediately about to Kotka wildlife sanctuary where wildlife visible is best here, on the way to nearby Katka you find very attractive canal to observe animal and magical view both side, leave the vessel for bird watching or walking about to Tiger hill through mangrove forest where you chance to see many deer and monkey. Back to vessel having evening snacks.

monkey photoDay-04: early in the morning bird watching tour by our country boat to observe wildlife , otters and many birds after having breakfast walking through jungle about to silent sea beach for swimming on the way look the wildlife from observation tower. In the afternoon back to vessel its cruise to another point Name Kachikhali wildlife sanctuary it take 2.50 hours, on arrival walking through grass land to look deer and pigs, in this trail you may find King cobra be careful. before one hour of sunset canal cruise for bird watching, in this evening our vessel cruise back to harintana for convenient anchor.

Day-05: early in the morning boat will resume start towards berikhal channel which is very attractive criss -crosses canal inside the sundarbans to look the activities of wildlife like monkey taking Keora fruits for their meal and crocodile may basking in the sun and many birds may attracts to travelers, one more stop in Harbaria forest station to look the Tiger foot print and resume cruise to Karamjal Eco park where many monkey and crocodiles firm ( if time permits) leave the vessel at Mongla for car journey to Jessore to take your evening domestic flight to Dhaka.Price per person if join in the package tours: Bangladeshi TAKA

Eid package tour if run by 10 person or 18 person or 30 person or 42 person @ 7,500 without transfer

1 person – 2 person – 3 person – 4 person – 5 person – 6 person
35,500 …. 32,500…. 29,000 …..27,000 …. 26,000 … 25,500luxury vesselof 30 person capacities and attached bath 4 room

Sundarbans tours by Volo bus for 3 days / 4 nights
Package tours from BDT 12,500 (by bus), BDT 28500 (by air)
Package tours from BDT 13,500 (by Volvo bus + both way car journey to and from Mongla)

Price per person in Bangladeshi TAKA: if he tour run as exclusively reserved for above group
1 pax –2 pax —3 pax—4 pax —5 pax———-6+ — 7 — 8 — 10
78,000 > 43,500 > 34000 > 26,000 > 23,000 > 20,500 > 18,500 > 17,500


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