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Bangladesh weekend travel packages

Destination: Bangladesh

Bangladesh Expeditions offer weekend tours around Bangladesh on every Thursday from Dhaka please early to join in our weekend trip packages … Weekend trip to cox’s bazaar beach which is the tourist Capital and World longest sea beach and saint marin island living coral of cheera dwip memorable for any traveler… Bangladesh Expeditions offer overnight […]

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 Weekend trip package in cox’s bazaar beach of Bangladesh expeditions
This trip mostly taken by official corporate group and our packages started from Dhaka in every Thursday night from pan pacific sonargaon hotel based our 25 seated tourist air-condition coach if only 2- 14 adults in that case we use Volvo public bus for 3 nights and 2 days trip ( Thursday to Saturday).
Hotel name: Prasad paradise / hotel kollol or similar
Beach tour itinerary:
Thursday: Depart from Dhaka by a/c Volvo bus journey to cox’s bazaar.

 Friday: in the morning guide will take for check in hotel beach view. In the afternoon after lunch drive to inani beach on way trekking to himchari. Make more fun in the inani beach. Drive back to hotel.

Saturday: after morning beach activities explore Moheskhali Island by speed boat for its Adinath Temple back to cox’s bazaar for lunch and free time in beach by sunset back to the hotel for having dinner then take the return Volvo bus journey to Dhaka. Mamun at himchari
Duration: 2 days / 3 nights
Price per person: BDT
1 pax – 2 pax – 3 pax— 4 pax — 5 pax — 6 pax— 7 pax — 8 ++
17,500 > 13,000 > 12,000 > 11,000 > 10,500 > 10,000 > 9,500
Beach Price includes:
V return a/c scania bus or reserved a/c coach of 25 – 29 seats,
V one night stay in three star beach view hotel,
V hotel transfer and complimentary breakfast
V tour guide and guided sightseeing in Moheskhali , himchari and inani beach.

Weekend trip to the sundarbans forest
These trips cover the Sundarbans forest- the largest mangrove forest in the world (5770sk.km) and the home of Royal Bengal Tiger. A network of River and creeks criss – crosses their dense evergreen forests. You may find tiger crossing the canal and crocodiles basking in the sun. Deers, wild boars, otters river Dolphin, over 270 species of birds, 120 species of fish, 50 species of reptiles and 8 species of amphibians are still found there. THE WORLD HERITAGE SITES- the largest remaining tract of habitat for the Royal Bengal Tiger can be the best place for adventures cruising for a few days.
REGULAR TRIP: every Thursday from Dhaka

 sundarban viewConfirm Departure: every Thursday night from Dhaka by Volvo bus or train or rocket steamer cruise journey, we quote the tour price according to group size based several categories vessel

 Friday: after having early breakfast cruise upstream to sundarban forest into the berikhal nice canal via tambulbunia to harintana forest areas, walking into the

mangrove forest to see many deer and overnight in cabin at harintana forest station. In the evening boat trip through canal to observe the sights and deer, birds and monkey. It is fantastic during rain view of the forest watching from the boat experience the difference.

Saturday: Early in the morning cruise into the canal to observe wild animals of the forest, we find many species of birds, insects, mammals, macaques, snacks, crocodiles and deers, we may see Tiger foot print in the Harbaria Eco tourism centre and crocodiles in the koromjal firm, back to the boat for return cruise back to Mongla for khulna by reserved a/c transport to take overnight Volvo bus journey to Dhaka.

Price per adults: BDT
1 adults —— 02 adults ——-03 adults —04 adults — 5 adults ——06 Adults — 10 adults
54,500 ≥―――33,900――– 24,900 ≥―21,000 ≥――― 18,500 —- 16,000 — 11,500
Price include: This trip price include all food ( breakfast, Chinese or Bangladeshi buffet lunch and Dinner, BAR – B- Q), English speaking tour guide, drinks, bottle water, air-condition Volvo bus to and from the boat.

Weekend travel to bandarban hill tracts
places to cover: bandarban town, Megla, Tiger hill, shoilo propat, nilgiri and chimbuk and bawm tribal village. bandarban town

Thursday: Depart from Dhaka by overnight A/c bus journey to Bandarban .

Friday: on arrival in the morning drive to check in hotel at Bandarban after refreshment visit Tiger hill, Meghla after lunch free time or sightseeing around town or hanging bridge, overnight in bandarban.

Saturday: after having early breakfast drive to Nilgiri to the highest land of Bandarban aound beautiful landscape. packet lunch will be provide for the outing. Explore Bawm tribal village nearby and chimbuk hill. back to bandarban on the way visit shoilo propat waterfalls and its stream. In the evening after having early dinner overnight A/c bus journey to Dhaka.
Price per adults: BDT
1 pax – 2 pax – 3 pax— 4 pax — 5 pax — 6 pax— 7 pax — 8 ++
19,500 > 12,000 > 9900 > 9,500 > 9000 > 8500 > 8000

Weekend hiking travel to bandarban around boga lake > keokradong peak tribal woman
Places to cover: Ruma sangu river cruise, boga lake natural beauty, hiking trail Boga lake through Darjeeling para and Jhiri path to keokradong peak ( 2nd highest peak).
Thursday: Depart from Dhaka by overnight public A/c bus overnight journey to bandarban
Friday: in the morning breakfast from bandarban town and proceed to ruma by chander gari and 4 wheel drive to ruma bazaar for lunch after lunch our indigenous guide will join with us for Boga lake by reserved chander gari. On arrival check in Eco friendly cottage and Free time around the natural historical boga lake.
Saturday: early in the morning at 06:00 am start our hiking towards keokradong peak through Darjeeling para it will take 3 hrs and half by walk on arrival trekking to the roof of Bangladesh for feel free early lunch on the peak. After lunch hiking down through Darjeeling para to Boga lake for check out and back to bandarban for overnight bus journey to Dhaka.
If you do not trekking to Boga lake in that case explore Marma, Khumi, Bawm and Khasi tribal villages on the way from Boga lake to Bandarban.
Price per adults: BDT
1 pax – 2 pax – 3 pax— 4 pax — 5 pax — 6 pax— 7 pax — 8 ++
35000 > 22,000 > 18,500 > 14,000 > 13,500 > 13000 > 12500
Price include: all cost and tour excludes foreigner’s permission cost.

Weekend tour to rangamati  for hillside lake cruise by a/c bus Rangamati lake

Places to cover: cruise on kaptai lake, cruise up to shuvolong waterfalls and king palace, tribal village and tribal handmade cloth shopping.
Thursday: Depart Dhaka by overnight air-condition overnight bus journey to Rangamati on way stop at check point for entry of foreign tourists’ control. We need passport scan copy in advance for permission.
Friday: in the morning on arrival check in hotel for breakfast and refreshment. At around 10:00 am guide will offer you to visit handicraft centre of Chakma and more time spending around hills of Kaptai lake.
Saturday: in the morning cruise on kaptai lake and visit Buddhist Monk and vihara, explore shuvolong waterfalls and have lunch frpm lake surrounded restaurant. after an early dinner take the overnight journey to Dhaka.
Price per adults: BDT
1 pax – 2 pax – 3 pax— 4 pax — 5 pax — 6 pax— 7 pax — 8 ++
17,500 > 11,000 > 9500 > 9,000 > 9000 > 8500 > 8000
Price include: all cost excludes all lunch and dinner if foreign Nationality permission and accompanied guide cost will be charged additionally.

Sylhet weekend travel package guest at madobpur
Thursday: Depart from Dhaka by overnight a/c Volvo bus or sleeper train overnight journey to Sylhet.

Friday: Early in the Morning on arrival check in hotel for breakfast, drive to visit Tamabil, Jafflong where the surma river made the Bangladesh – India boundary visit scenic view of Indian hill, Stone, visit sreepur waterfalls and resume drive back to the hotel for night halt. We suggest to visit 2 famous Shrine’s of Sylhet nearby hotel.

Saturday: After early breakfast completing drive to cruise on Lalakhal around hillocks, in the late afternoon back to the hotel.
Price per adults: BDT
1 pax – 2 pax – 3 pax— 4 pax — 5 pax — 6 pax— 7 pax — 8 ++
18,500 > 11,500 > 10500 > 10,000 > 9500 > 9000 > 8500
Price includes all cost and the tour excludes only all lunch and dinner.

Weekend travel to North Bengal archaeological sites
Thursday: Depart from Dhaka by overnight a/c reserved car / coach journey to Rajshahi.

Friday: on the way to Rajshahi early in the Morning visit Natore Digapatiya terracotta’s palace after check in hotel and refreshment for an hour drive to puthia rajbari, shiva, Jagannat and gubinda temple after lunch drive to Gaud for chottasona Mosque in Chapai nabab ganj district. You also explore Rajbibi Mosque, Darasbari Mosque nearby back to Rajshahi for night halt ( packet lunch will be served in this day).
Saturday: after an early breakfast drive about to Paharpur to visit World heritage sites – Vihar and Mahasthangarh the earliest City of 3rd Century BC. You also explore historical Vehula’s iron made home, vita and Museum in the evening drive back to Dhaka. Hopefully reach in Dhaka by 12:30 pm.
Price per person in Bangladeshi TAKA:
1 pax –2 pax —3 pax—4 pax —5 pax——–6++ pax
26,000 > 18,000 > 15000 > 13500 > 13,000 > 12,500
Price Include:
1. Air-condition reserved transport for surface transfer for the trip,
2. All meal ( breakfast, lunch, evening snacks and Buffet dinner
3. a/c accommodation in two star hotel and English speaking tour guide,
4. The trip as per itinerary.

We advise to traveler explore North Bengal by reserved transport for weekend or 3 days guided tour. Price per person by train / Volvo bus only 1000 tk. Less for 2 days / 3 nights trip







Sundarban Tours

Sundarban package tours

Sundarban wildlife and nature photography package expeditions

Tour Destination: Dhaka – Khulna – Sundarbans – Dhaka
Tour Type: Adventure Tours / Wildlife Safari / River Cruise / Eco tourism / bird watching / adventure cruise / Nature and photography tour

Article – These trips cover the Sundarbans forest- the largest mangrove forest in the world (5770sk.km) and the home of Royal Bengal Tiger. A network of River and creeks criss – crosses their dense evergreen forests. You often find tiger crossing the river and crocodiles basking in the sun. Deer’s, wild boars, otters river Dolphin, over 270 species of birds, 120 species of fish, 50 species of reptiles and 8 species of amphibians are still found there. THE WORLD HERITAS SITES- the largest remaining tract of habitat for the Royal Bengal Tiger can be the best place for adventures cruising for a few days.
Activities of Sundarbans adventure

Bangladesh Expeditions cover Tiger point of Kotka and Kachikhali where sea facing river both side muddy bank of magical forest wildlife visibility is best here. Walking through the forest where deer and monkies visible on the way to Tiger hill. In the other part mud bathing then walking about to silent Kotka beach for swimming and photography from observation tower is very interesting by travelers. Bird watching early in the morning through Kotka canal and evening bird watching tour through Kachikhali canal are most important of the tours.
Tours Duration:
a. 3 days / 4 nights by Volvo bus ( Dhaka > Khulna – Dhaka )
b. 4 days / 3 Nights by air ( Dhaka – Jessore – Dhaka by air and Jessore – Mongla Jessore by car / van )
c. Dhaka – Morrelganj by Rocket steamer and Morrelgonj – Bagerhat – Mongla – Jessoore by car and Jessore – Dhaka by air.

Nature and Wildlife package tour itinerary

Day-01: Depart hotel / residence by 03:00 pm to board on the rocket steamer for an overnight journey which started from sadarghat at 06:00 pm for 21 hours cruise up to Morrelgonj.

Day-02: in the morning the Rocket resume start its cruise towards south you cross many places and countryside in the afternoon at 02:40 PM leave the rocket to our reserved A/c vehicle to Mongla on way move to Bagerhat sixty domed Mosque visit, continue on to Mongla to check in Passore hotel deluxe room for night stay.

Day-03: board into our luxury vessel which start the cruise immediately about to Kotka wildlife sanctuary where wildlife visible is best here, on the way to nearby Katka you find very attractive canal to observe animal and magical view both side, leave the vessel for bird watching or walking about to Tiger hill through mangrove forest where you chance to see many deer and monkey. Back to vessel having evening snacks.

Day-04: early in the morning bird watching tour by our country boat to observe wildlife , otters and many birds after having breakfast walking through jungle about to silent sea beach for swimming on the way look the wildlife from observation tower. In the afternoon back to vessel its cruise to another point Name Kachikhali wildlife sanctuary it take 2.50 hours, on arrival walking through grass land to look deer and pigs, in this trail you may find King cobra be careful. before one hour of sunset canal cruise for bird watching, in this evening our vessel cruise back to harintana for convenient anchor.

Day-05: early in the morning boat will resume start towards berikhal channel which is very attractive criss -crosses canal inside the sundarbans to look the activities of wildlife like monkey taking Keora fruits for their meal and crocodile may basking in the sun and many birds may attracts to travelers, one more stop in Harbaria forest station to look the Tiger foot print and resume cruise to Karamjal Eco park where many monkey and crocodiles firm ( if time permits) leave the vessel at Mongla for car journey to Jessore to take your evening domestic flight to Dhaka.

Package tours Price per person if join in the package tours: Bangladeshi TAKA
1 person – 2 person – 3 person – 4 person – 5 person – 6 person
35,500 …. 32,500…. 29,000 …..27,000 …. 26,000 … 25,500

Reserved tours Price per person in Bangladeshi TAKA:

1 pax –2 pax —3 pax—4 pax —5 pax———-6+ — 7 — 8 — 10

78,000 > 41,500 > 33000 > 25,000 > 22,000 > 19,500 > 18,500 > 17,500

Sundarbans tours by Volo bus for 3 days / 4 nights
Package tours from BDT 12,500 (by bus), BDT 28500 (by air)
Package tours from BDT 13,500 (by Volvo bus + both way car journey to and from Mongla)

Price include
1.Cruise inside the Forest with exclusive tourist boat.
2. Accommodation on twin sharing basis
3. All meals during Sundarban cruise.
4. All activities inside the forest as per itinerary.
5. Small country boat to make trips inside small canals/creeks.
6. Mineral water for drinking during the trip.
7. Forest fees, permission & armed forest guard from the forest department
8. An accompanied Guide during the trip.

9. Air ticket ( Jessore to Dhaka)

10. Rocket Cruise (Dhaka – Morolgonj).

11. A/C Car for sightseeing and transfer


1. Drinks both hard and soft.
2. Items of personal nature and items not mentioned above.
3. Fees for the video & still cameras of the guests.

4. Food during Rocket cruise and hotel Pashure.

5. permission fee @ 5,000 if foreign Nationality

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