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Bandarban hiking tour

Bandarban Travel

Destination: Bandarban, chittagong division

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Bandarban is the roof of Bangladesh located at Chittagong hill tracts where living verities of ethnic people who are different rest of the flat areas. Different of Tribes living in the Bandarban district. Each tribe has its distinctive rites, rituals and dress. Each tribe also has its own language and cultural pattern. A lot to see in Bandarban offer you to visit Tribal people life style, Shaila propat, Bogha lake, varieties water fall, King palace, Meghla, Tribal weaving, Buddhist Stupa, Museum, tribal villages, Chimbuk and The three highest peak of Bangladesh- Tahjin dong (4632 ft) , keokradong and maudak mual is located in Bandarban. It’s best place for unique experience to one tribal village to another tribal village through magical landscape.

Tajindong and Keokradong peaks trekking might be most memorable experience in your life.

Bandarban travel package of Bangladesh Expeditions
Covered places: Bandarban town around Meghla spot, Nilachal, Goolden Temple, shailo propat, Chimbuk and Nilgiri ..
Mode of Transport: A/c bus both highway and car of moon
Hotel one night: Bandarban Parjatan motel or hotel plaza

Tour itinerary:
Night-01: overnight A/c public bus journey to Bandarban. No food in this day
Day-01: on arrival Bandarban check in hotel for breakfast, at 10:00 am Chander gari will waiting to visit around Golden Temple, Nilachal, hanging bride and Meghla spot, overnight at twin sharing a/c room.
Day-02: drive to Nilgiri and Chimbuk hill by 2 reserved chander gari, on the way explore Bawm tribes and shailo propat waterfalls stream, in the evening take the early dinner for your return A/c bus journey about to Dhaka.

Price per person: price will be quote as per group size
Price includes: *
• Dhaka – Bandarban – Dhaka by A.c public bus,
• All food for 2 days with 1 snacks every day.
• One night twin sharing hotel room.
• 2 reserved Jeep for 2 days sight-seeing around hillside attractions,
• Experience tour guide.

Price excludes: personal expense and extra food.

Shangu river cruise – Rijuk waterfalls – Zadipai waterfalls – Keokradong hiking
Night-01: leave Dhaka by overnight A/c bus journey to Bandarban.

Day-01: after having breakfast drive from Bandarban by 2 jeep for 19 person about to Boga Lake via Ruma for check in lake side Eco house ( 5 house for 19 person ), free time around Lake. Please ask to buy several deshi chicken if you wish to have BBQ / BAR-BQ dinner.

Day-02; in the morning hiking about to Keokradong through Darjeeling para, it takes 3 hours and half after enjoying Keokradong peak if possible proceed to Zadipai waterfalls, in the late afternoon walking back to Boga lake for driving to Ruma for night halt in 9 room with attached bath for 19 person.

Day-03: in the morning boat trip along the Shangu river to explore rijuk waterfalls its takes 4 hours total to complete, in the afternoon continue on to Bandarban by jeep, on arrival waiting in the restaurant to have dinner early then return bus journey to Dhaka.

per person price: price will be quote as per group size

Price includes: *
• Dhaka – Bandarban – Dhaka by A.c public bus,
• All food for 3 days with 1 snacks every day.
• 1 night twin sharing Ruma hotel and 1 night in Boga lake house
• 2 reserved Jeep for transfer, cruise, hiking
• Experience tour guide.
Price excludes: personal expense and extra food.
Price excludes: BBQ dinner.
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info@expeditions-bd.com, www.expeditionbd.com

keokradong peak

Bandarban offbeat trekking tours

Chittagong hill tracts trip :: trekking experience :: Keokradong peak – Chimbuk &  Nilgiri – Tajindong highest peak
121 lide murong
Trekking to Keokradong to the 3rd highest peaks ( 4035 feet ) of Bangladesh and home of  the tribal people for learning something of their lifestyle and culture. We are committed to providing special trekking experience. Our experienced guide will take you to the undiscovered region of Bangladesh.
Bandarban hill tracts is the home of ‘Indigenous Peoples and Major three highest peaksTrail’ offers unique exposure to one of the most ethnically different areas of Bangladesh along with breathtaking scenery. One tribal village trail to another different tribal village hiking is the best value more exhilarating experience of a lifetime. the ‘Indigenous People’s Trail’ presents a unique natural blend of cultural, ethnic diversity and breathtaking peaks panoramas, stretching from bandarban.
Experience the difference culture and lifestyle of several local main indigenous communities including The Mru, the Bawm, Marma, khyang , tongcangya, Lusai, Khasia, Chakma, Khumi tribes . Each tribes has its own language and cultural pattern, their appearance different due to rest of the flat region, they wear indigo and sarong made their cloth themselves. Accommodation on the trek is in tribal people’s guest house.
welcome to bandarban hill tracts
Offbeat trekking travel plan 02:
Places to discover : bandarban, ruma bazaar, shangu river cruise, boga lake, Darjeeling para or Jhiri path, Keokradong peak, Tajindong peak and the Bawm tribes, the Murong tribes, the khumi tribes, the marma tribes, the tangchengiya tribes, trpura tribes and the traditional Mru tribes.
Offbeat trekking itinerary:
Day-01: Dhaka city sightseeing tour, overnight in Dhaka.Day-02: morning domestic flight to Chittagong airport, on arrival Chittagong to bandarban by reserved a/c transport on way foreign tourist will control in the check point our guide will show the advance copy to entry. Bandarban to ruma by reserved chander gari after crossing shangu river we will rest in the restaurant meantime our guide will permits show to the BDR camp of ruma bazaar. We will proceed again to Boga lake by 4 wheel jeep for overnight stay in Boga lake home stay cottage.

Day-03: early in the morning with travel bag only walking trail start about to keokradong peak, ( you must carry few dry food and bottle water, Mosquito lotion and raincoat if summer ) on arrival after 3.30 hrs reached in keokradong then 1 hrs free time around Zadiphai waterfalls and proceed to Thaikhong para for overnight stay.

Day-04: in this trail you will discover magical landscape around stream and waterfalls through off the beaten path and remote indigenous village of Murong, khiyang,Tripura, Bawm and Marma ethnic people walking about to baktlai para for overnight stay.

Day- 05: in this day explore traditional Mru village which is main attractive village for foreign travelers to know who are remote from the modern age, trekking to Tajin dong peak which very attractive highest peak and undiscovered destination of Bangladesh hiking down to Thanchi for night halt.

Day-06: from Thanchi drive by public bus / rewerved chander gari to Bandarban for lunch and visit Golden temple, Megla and local attraction of Bandarban town, overnight in bandarban hillside resort.

Price per person: USD 450 include all ( if 4 adults of a group )
More discount for 6 – 8 people

 Trekking to Keokradong, Bandarban
This trip covers the trekking expedition through Majestic landscape around stream, hills, peak, Hillside River, waterfalls and remote tribal village’s different tribe’s activities.
Night -1: overnight A/c bus journey to Bandarban from Dhaka hotel.
Day-01: from Bandarban drive by chander gari to Ruma , on the way explore Khasia tribal village, on arrival Ruma we change vehicle driving by 4 wheel land cruiser for Boga lake After taking permission and local indigenous guide drive to Bogalake. Overnight at Bogalake indigenous house.
Day-02: After having breakfast walking start for Keokradong. On the way, we will visit some waterfall and Darjeeling Para indigenous village (Darjeeling of Bengal). It will take 3 and half hours by walking. Lunch at Keokradong second highest peaks and visit Passing Para (Murong Village), Jadhipai Waterfall. Overnight at Boga Lake.
Day-03: After taking breakfast drive about to Bandarban. On the way, visit Khumi para tribal village and Marma tribal village, we stop also for Shaila propat waterfall and Bawm tribal village, on arrival bandarban check in hotel for lunch and refreshment,
Day-04: in the morning visit Golden temple which is very attractive by travelers, walk around Meghla spot and hanging bridge, cruise on shangu river around hill in the afternoon explore Tiger hill before sunset, overnight a/c bus journey to Dhaka.
Note: if visitors cruise on shangu river on way back from Ruma to Bandarban takes 6 hours to reached in Bandarban but its best value cruise plan around hillside landscape.
Price per adults: BDT
1 pax – 2 pax – 3 pax— 4 pax — 5 pax — 6 pax— 7 pax — 8 ++
38000 > 24,000 > 21,500 > 16,000 > 15,000 > 14500 > 13500
Keokradong and Boa lake expeditions for 3 days / 4 nights
Price per adults: BDT
1 pax – 2 pax – 3 pax— 4 pax — 5 pax — 6 pax— 7 pax — 8 ++
35000 > 22,000 > 18,500 > 14,000 > 13,500 > 13000 > 12500
 Hiking tours in Bandarban hill tracts by air + 4 wheel jeep
Duration: 4 nights / 5 days
Mode of transport: both way domestic flight and 4 wheel jeepPrice Per person in BDT:
1  person — 2 person  3 person — 4 person — 5 person – 6 person – 7 + person
74,000 ……45,000….39,000 …. 35,500 ….. 33,500 ….. 31,000 …. 29,000
Price Included:
1. Air Tickets (Dhaka – Chittagong – Dhaka).
2. A/C Car (Chittagong airport – Bandarban – Chittagong airport).
3. 4 wheeler Jeep (Car of the Moon) – Bandarban – Ruma – Bogalake – Bandarban
4. Hill Tract permission.
5. Accommodation – 2 nights at Bogalake Indigenous House, 1 night Passin Para Indigenous village and 1 night Parjatan Motel Hill Resort.
6. Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Tea and Water.
7. Entry fee, Two tour guide (1 English speaking and 1 tribal guide).

Price Excluded:
Personal expense

Road less expeditions to the undiscovered Thanchi, Bandarban hill district
This trip started from Dhaka to Bandarban either by A/c bus or flight to Chittagong to cover the road less undiscovered offbeat expeditions around three union of Thanchi khum zone in Myanmar border of Bandarban hill tracts.
We discover Nafakhum waterfalls, satbhai khum and Amiakhum through unforgettable perfidious rocks along the Shangu river by canoe boat and the boat flows smoothly as current of stream. Both side rocks rises in strange structure. On the way to tindu, view of the insecure villages uphold hills to dense forest and colorful indigenous life of Murnong and Marma tribes is interesting and remakri to Nafakhum through hills and deep stream is incredible for 4 hours trek.
Nafakhum waterfalls, Satbhaikhum waterfalls and Amiakhum are owe inspiring adventurous expeditions through off the beaten track is memorable for adventure travelers.
Day -01: overnight A/c bus journey to Bandarban or morning flight to Chittagong, on arrival Bandarban in the afternoon bus or private car of moon journey to Thanchi, overnight stay in guest house.
Day-02: in the morning we started unforgettable cruise by canoe shaped boat through the rocks and hills along the Shangu river, on the way explore Tindu village of Tripura and Marma tribes, continue on to remakri for overnight stay after visiting the village,.
Day03: in this morning 4 hours breathtaking trek through hills and white rocks up to Nafakhum biggest waterfalls, treks continue on to Notunpara where we arrange your night stay at tribal home.
Day-04: early in the morning trail started to Amiakhum waterfalls in this trail stream cruise by Bamboo Raft to reach most remote Amiakum waterfalls one of the best value picture-sque place, later in the afternoon started walking to stay at Horisankar para.
Day-05: in this morning walking about to Poddo mukh to take your return hired canoe shaped boat cruise to Thanchi for night stay.
Day06: Thanchi to Bandarban after having lunch visit only Golden temple of Bandarban. Free time around spot of Bandarban for relax then night A/c bus journey to Dhaka or evening flight from Chittagong to Dhaka.
There is other route plan to expedition the undiscovered
Route -1:
Bandorban > thanchi> Bording para> Simplampi para > Thandiy para > Bollong Para > sat bahi kum > Nakiong muk> Amiakum waterfall
Route -2:
Thanchi> Poddo muk > Bollong para > sat Bahi kum > Nakiong muk > Amiakum waterfall

offbeat adventure expeditions in Bandarban hill tracts

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