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day trip to Sonargaon and explore Char village

day trip to Sonargaon with expeditions guide

Sonargaon earliest urban center in Bangladesh was the medieval town of Deva Dynasty while shifted Capital of Bikrampur after collapse Sena Empire. Later become Islamic Capital seat of an independent Sultanate of Bengal. later Isha khan becoming ruler of Soonargaon later when Isha khan died in 1599 his son Musa khan took control of the Bhati region. But after the defeat of Musa Khan on 10 July 1610 by Islam Khan, the army general of Mughals, The capital of Bengal was then shifted to Jahangir nagar later name implies Dhaka after making boundary in the south Buriganga and three people send three other side after beating drum where last sound hearing set up flag and Islam khan implies the name Dacca from the word ( drum = Dhak ).

Pre Mughal and Mughal period Sonagaon was the well -known port city when many merchants came in Bengal hearing the story of fine muslin forms the base for the beautiful woven Jamdhani fabrics. For muslin Dhaka was worldwide famous during pre Mughal and Mughal period.
During British colonial ruler cutting off muslin weavers thumbs to stop the muslin fabrics and then British Raj manufactured and import European cloth in the 18th Century.
the terracotta’s elite classes houses of Panam city were built by wealthy Hindu cloth merchants during the British colonial period where European fabrics sold and developed here.
Sonargaon lies Dhaka – Chittagong highway only 29km from Dhaka Zero point accessible by public bus from Gulisthan.
Interesting and historical archaeological sights of Sonargaon

• Panam City of elite hindu merchants ruins houses of 18th Century

• pre-Mughal, three-arched, brick-built Bridge beyond Panam City and shiva temple

• Elite Hindu Jamindar palace

• Sadarbari, a jamindari terracotta’s palace built with balconies, arched gateways, high ceilings, mosaic work and steps leading down to a pond with life-sized English horsemen in statues, built in 1901.

• single-domed Goaldi Mosque, built in 1519

• tomb of the sultan Ghiyasuddin Azam Shah, who died in 1410,

• Panch pir tomb

Full Day trip of Dhaka City & Sonargaon
This tour will be for the whole day and will include a light lunch. The first part of this tour will be the same as mentioned above (refer to HALF DAY sightseeing).

After completion of the morning session, and a quick lunch in a fast food restaurant, our experienced guide will take you out of the city. You may go to either Savar, about 20 Km. north-west of Dhaka and the National Martyr’s Monument. This 50m high and beautifully kept structure was built as memorial to the millions who died in the struggle for independence in 1971. Or, to Sonargaon (means Golden City), 25 Km. to the east, which was the country’s first capital from the 13th to the early 17th century. In its prime time, besides being the capital of the region this was a important river port, an important centre for the manufacture and export of the famous muslin cloth one of the main export item of Bengal in those days.

Although, except for several mosques, a bridge, a few tombs & stupas nothing remains of the original city. still you will find much to see there. In addition there is a well maintained Folk Art Museum worth visiting. Back to Dhaka late in the afternoon.
Price per adult : USD 50, Price per Child: USD 30
Economy Price per adult : USD 30, Price per Child: USD15
To operate this trip we need minimum two adults.

Cruise On Meghna River to explore Char village & Visit Sonargaon

Only 3 km southeast of Sonargaon museum Meghna river port of 12th Century at Boddhar bazaar is the main river port of numerous Char ( sandbar ) villages people those people only uses boat to reach their house.
A cruise on Mighty Meghna to experience the difference with those sandbar village fisherman and farmer people is interesting. In the cruise visitors find natural and rustic charms of river and activities of the river bank people, on the way of cruise may see river dolphins and cormorants.

You board on our wooden cruising boat “S.B. Kheya” to join this adventure. Explore the remote island villages that are only accessible by boat. Know their lifestyle. Stop at any island in the middle of river, swim and have more fun. Enjoy the Hilsha fishing and the activities of villagers. If you wish, you can also visit a weaving village. On way back, visit Sonargaon, which was the first capital of Bengal (13th to 17th century). A traditional Bangladeshi or Chinese food will be served at lunch on boat.Depart Dhaka at 9 am from your nominated pick up point. You will board to the boat at Bouddhar Bazaar, which is 27 km from Dhaka and takes about an hour to reach. Leave the boat at around 4 pm. We will drop you at your residence at 05.30 in the evening.
Price per adult :  1 pax – 2 pax – 3 pax – 4 pax -5 pax – 6 pax — 8 more

9000 — 5000 – 4500 – 3500 –3000 — 2500 – 2000
Economy Price per adult : USD 35, Price per Child: USD15 ( Minimum 02 adults )
To operate this trip we need minimum six adults and for exclusive booking we need minimum fifteen adults.

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