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purbachal roadside lands and plots sale

Purbachal lands of Bangladesh Expeditions  – your ultimate home beyond Dhaka – 30KM.

Purbachal roadside and home touch lands of Bangladesh Expeditions
Why people buy lands / plots from Bangladesh Expeditions
Bangladesh Expeditions really not a land developer but there are several asset development company buying lands for flat sale registering Purbachal city as Bangladesh Expeditions owner home lies Amadiya Union road having own land selling with cheap rate.

urgent buyer need for 24 decimal land selling soon 24 decimal road attached ready land for making plot / house per decimal only 2,50,000 Taka. after buying one can build apartment easily …

Our own lands are selling as plot:

  • Amdia Union roadside 5 Decimal based plots in 5 Bigha as one land or locally called ” France city ( 150 decimal ) ready plots will be handed instantly per decimal Tk. 90,000 X 5=> 4,00,000 Tk.
  • Amdia Union road attached 33 decimal ready land ( 22 decimal + 11 decimal ) will be sale after selling instantly transfer to buyer. we need to person for selling,  instant registration for transferring the land adjacent Bonaid Babu miah high school and Market. per decimal only 2,50,000 fixed price.
  • Bonvag Mousa under one land based 5 Bigha ( 150 decimal ) and 2.50 Bigha ( 75 decimal lands ) will be sale as paddy land. per decimal only 80,000 Tk.  we sale as Bigha
  • village attached land per decimal 1,50,000 Tk.
  • Amadiya Union road attached ready home land per decimal only 2 lac 50 thousand Tk.

our land transfer policy: all mention land will be transfer to the land buyer instantly, we do not take time to handed to land buyers.

Bangladesh Expeditions host family located Amdia Union Road at Bonaid village. We are buying lands from property owner and selling directly to the clients those are interested to make a own home beyond Dhaka 30km only. We kindly request for coming at Bangladesh Expeditions Dhaka office for discussion about our lands and France office at Paris.
We guaranteed genuine roadside lands, village attached land or green land with cheapest price comparing any other land developers.

About US.
Bangladesh Expeditions is one of the old reputed tourism company since-2001 organize tours in Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Bhutan, Thailand, Malaysia and Europe.
Our homes stay trip experience maximum Embassy and UN organization staff. We focus villagers activities of weavers, fisherman and farmers while overnight village tours experience the difference and laid back lifestyle of the villagers around Dhaka only 30Km lies Dhaka- Sylhet high ways at Kandail bus stand left side Amadiya Union Rd at Bonaid village.
We look several land developers buying lands in many ways gathering fifty over local young man of a village where they locate site office.

I think such hard real estate business for those people who are interested to buy some lands for their ultimate home. We discuss with my guests who came from Australia to look the village life, they told me that sounds better if started land business getting pure lands without chaos for city dwellers who like to buy lands.
Bangladesh Expeditions highly appreciated this proposal for developing lands of the village while city developers promoting.
Bangladesh Expeditions selling own lands after getting lands from property owner. We are trusted and guaranteed cheap lands selling or roadside lands or residential lands.

Residential Areas Lands: Bonaid Mausa from 49, Dag number: 76, 79 Decimal lands at Bonaid village Road, Amadiya Union Rd, Narsindi Sadar -1603.
From 79 Decimal only 40 Decimal home attached land for your ultimate home around Dhaka.

Minimum 2 lac Taka per decimal and Maximum 2.50 lac Tk per decimal

Bangladesh Expeditions is one of reputed tour operator in Bangladesh based Dhaka. We are host family since – 2001 accommodate and afford quality home stay service for foreigners only.
Maximum Embassies and UN organization staff during their stay in Dhaka experience the difference of our village home stay trip.
Our mission and Vision: our home stay cottage attached few lands will be sale as plot wise about  5- 7 decimal  a plot.
Road side ready land for plot in 5 decimal :
Location: Amadiya Union Road, Bonaid
Total land: 32 decimal
every plots in 5 decimal and per decimal only 3.50 lac Taka

four person can buy this land for their ultimate home around Dhaka 30KM.

canal + roadside shopping zone lands for shopping complex

Road and canal side at Moktar bazaar shopping zone area attached main road and canal adjacent  only 16 Dacimal lands for making shopping complex will be sale. only 150 Lac Taka.

Payment System: we receive at a time payment with much cheap or 50 installment.

Dhaka office: 102/7 ( 2nd floor), Dhaka international Airport Rd, Kakoli, Banani
+88 01715093412,,

France – Paris office:

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