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Tours in Bangladesh

Bangladesh Expeditions located at Dhaka  is a inbound specialized tour operator of Bangladesh based  Pan Pacific Sonargaon Hotel. We have been providing our extensive services to the valued clients and promoting Bangladesh as a fascinating tourist destination in world map of tourism since 2001.
our day trip in and around Dhaka
* Dhaka city tour for 5 hours
* Dhaka city tour with Sonargaon
* Dhaka river cruise with Sonargaon
* archaeological trip to Moinamoti and Sonargaon
* Manikganj Baliati palaces and pottery village trip.
all this trip cover in a day and before one day need confirmation to run the trip.

overnight trip around Bangladesh
* overnight village trip with Sonargaon and cruise for 5 hours
* overnight trip to Srimangal by car / train
* overnight rocket steamer cruise with Bagerhat or backwater trip
* overnight trip to Sundarbans by air
* overnight beach travel by air
* overnight trip to Rangamati or Bandarban by air
* overnight tour to Sylhet by Air
* overnight trip to Paharpur and Mahasthangarh
all mentioned overnight trip covers within 2 days and 1 nights

our package tours within 3 days / 4 nights
* travel to Rangamati – Bandarban – Cox’s bazar,
* regular weekend trip to Boga lake – Mt. Keokradong and Bandarban
* beach and coral island travel
* Sundarban package tours within 3 D/4N or 4 D/5 N
* off road beach and island travel to Kuakata or Nijhum island
* Sylhet – Bisanakandi – Jaflong – Srimangal tours within 4 days
* Bogra – Rajshahi – Dinajpur tours within 4 days by car / coach.
* Europe travel package from Bangladesh

Tailor made tours ( sub pages )
* short nature travel in Bangladesh
Dhaka city tour + return rocket steamer cruise journey + day trip to sundarban + day trip to Bagerhat + Srimangal 2 days trip by car.
* Ethnic culture – hiking – hillside cruise and beach tour
Rangamati + Bandarban + Cox’s bazar and St.Martin coral island
* nature travel in Bangladesh
Dhaka city tour + rocket steamer one way cruise + Bagerhat + Sundarban wildlife sanctuaries + Srimangal + Sylhet + Bisnakandi + Jaflong

* Best Bangladesh tour
Dhaka – Sundarban wildlife sanctuaries – Rajshahi – Bogra – Dinajpur – Srimangal – Sylhet – Chittagong – Bandarban – Rangamati – Cox’s bazaar.

* World heritage tour
Dhaka + Paharpur + Sundarbans + Bagerhat by rocket and car

* best value cheap tours
Dhaka + rocket steamer cruise both way + Bagerhat + sundarban day cruise + Moinamoti and Sonargaon archaeological sites + village home stay + Srimangal

in addition to package tours, custom made trip – we also rent car, coach and boat rent for Dhaka river cruise by ship orboat and Sundarbans cruising boat rent.
our home stay cottage lies purbachal City offering roadside lands for those people are interested for an ultimate village home around Dhaka only 30KM

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